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DeepInsight Products
Main FeaturesDeepInsight RT Pro V11CyberTD 4.0 Intraday
Product TypeSwing/Trend Trading SystemDay Trading System
Trading SignalBuy/Sell a few times a month or a yearBuy/Sell a few times a day
Analysis EOD Trading Model with Neural Networks
EOD and RT Technical Analysis
EOD and RT Fundamental Analysis
EOD and RT Risk Analysis
RT Trading Model with Neural Networks
RT Technical Analysis

Prediction5 Day Prediction with Neural Networks5 minutes prediction with Neural Networks
ChartingDaily charts + RT chartsIntraday streaming charts
Data TypeEnd-of-Day + RT data (Level I & II)RT data (Level I & II)
Data DownloadAutomatically feed from internetAutomatically feed from internet
Walk Forward TestTestable with past 5 years daily closing dataTestable with past 3 months 1-minute data
Trade-Order ExecutionManual or Automatic trade executionManual or Automatic trade execution
Applicable SecuritiesWorld-wide Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, IndicesUS Stocks, ETFs, Indices
Dedicated Web Sitewww.deepinsight.comwww.cybertd.com
Price$249/Year (Regular: $349/Year), Data feed included$399/Year (Regular: $699/Year), Data feed included

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