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Identifying a trend, early and accurately, is the key to increase profit and reduce risk in stock investment. DeepInsight combines quantitative analysis with Artificial Intelligence to analyze trading patterns and market data in a great depth, and therefore, predict and catch trends in early stage for individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and market indices. It greatly extends man's capability in analyzing massive data.

For a long time, charting has been the main technical analysis approach for stocks. It needs many years of experience to be successful. Now, DeepInsight software can gain the knowledge in a few minutes through machine learning. It can also back test what works what doesn't, putting technical analysis into a truly objective and scientific base. Complex technical analysis is now made easy and useful for everyone.

Predicting stock price is very difficult. Neural networks may be the only known technology that can be constructed to predict market trends in short term, although it is far from perfect. DeepInsight Professional Edition is equipped with carefully designed neural networks to predict trends which offers exciting prospects and significant benefits to traders and investors.

Strategy Trading is a rule-based, back-tested and systematic way to buy/sell stocks. DeepInsight V11 Professional is a great tool for strategy trading. It uses advanced mathematics to analyze thousands of trading strategies and find the best one specifically for each stock. It helps users gain significant edges and achieve success in the markets worldwide.

With such powerful and automated system, you rarely miss buy/sell opportunities. Its superior performance has been proven by tens of thousands of users, including large banks, investment firms and professional traders from more than 40 countries.
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Tens of thousands of professional and individual investors are using DeepInsight to identify profitable opportunities every day. Find out how you can benefit from this cutting-edge, award-winning and top-selling investment software.

Each license is good for two computers.
WARNING: DeepInsight is an analytical and trading tool only, and is not intended to replace individual research or licensed investment advice. Past performances or back test results do not guarantee future results! Trading stocks, ETFs or indices involves substantial risk; and there is always the potential for loss.

"... There's a lot to be said about this package, most of it very good. In fact, if you're looking for a good neural network solution, DeepInsight may be it. Not only that, the technical approach as well as the user interface have been well thought out."
-- Review from the industry expert, STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine, 2001.

"...DeepInsight is a well designed technical analysis and trading tool. Its advanced approach and technology should help users make better decisions and gain significant edges in stock market."
--Review from TradersWorld magazine, 1999.

5-Star Product, ZDNet


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Truly innovative product, far more advanced than other technical analysis and trading systems..."
--Common Words from users in 39 countries

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